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How Improved Flexibility Can Enhance Your Swimming Form

By John Hansen, USA Triathlon 10/10/2019, 7:30pm MDT

Stretching is a key element to swimming your optimal performances.  Specifically poor flexibility affects your range of motion, swimming posture, limb positions and your ability to apply force but a consistent stretching routine can help to modify the affects of inflexibility on your swimming performances.

Am I Drinking Too Much Seltzer Water?

By Becky Wade, Outside 10/10/2019, 7:15pm MDT

Carbonated water, from this running dietitian’s perspective, is a neutral hydrator for athletes: it’s absolutely better than drinking nothing, on par with flat water when consumed moderately and after working out, and negative when consumed in excess.

Reduce the Risk for Sports Eye Injuries

By The Signal 10/08/2019, 9:30am MDT

Basketball has the highest rates of youth sports eye injuries. Wearing protective lenses can help prevent many eye injuries.

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